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AP makes coronavirus dataset available to all

, by Lauren Easton

AP’s county-level U.S. coronavirus data is now publicly available through the platform.

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Comprehensive coverage of COVID-19

, by Patrick Maks

From Italy to Spain and New York to New Orleans, AP journalists around the world are working tirelessly to tell the story of the COVID-19 pandemic in all formats.

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A note about virus numbers

, by John Daniszewski

Numbers have been key to reporting on the current coronavirus health crisis. Data on the geographic spread and the acceleration or deacceleration of the contagion have been the foundation for understanding the battle. National and global metrics on cases, deaths and recovery are the battlefield statistics we need to tell this story.

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New AP coronavirus podcast

, by Patrick Maks

Today The Associated Press debuts a new daily podcast focused on the coronavirus pandemic: “Ground Game: Inside the Outbreak.”

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‘Inspired’ journalism amid coronavirus lockdown

, by Patrick Maks

In a memo to staff on Friday, Managing Editor Brian Carovillano described how AP journalists in Rome and Milan continue to overcome major personal and professional challenges to produce compelling and competitive journalism during Italy’s coronavirus lockdown: