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In a ‘flash’: Alerting news of the president’s impeachment

, by John Daniszewski

At 8:34 p.m. ET on Wednesday, AP pushed out the news, “President Donald Trump impeached by US House of Representatives.”

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The challenge of brevity in the digital age

, by John Daniszewski

News in the digital age comes in short — often very short — bursts, straight to our mobile phones, smart watches, tablets and computer screens.  Sometimes these short takes are all an audience will read, not the longer story that follows. That’s why we need to get them right.

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Stay connected with the new AP News app

, by Lauren Easton

There’s a new offering from The Associated Press available in the App Store: AP News.

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AP “flashes” – what they’re all about

, by Tom Kent

The “flash” we sent last week on Nelson Mandela’s death brought a new flurry of attention to AP flashes. What are they and how often do we send them?