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Stay connected with the new AP News app

, by Lauren Easton

There’s a new offering from The Associated Press available in the App Store: AP News.

This is AP News, the new mobile app from The Associated Press. (AP Photo)

The free app lets users personalize their news experience in a big way so they can stay on top of breaking stories of special interest to them. They can do this by customizing their news feed, choosing to follow specific topics and newsmakers as they appear in developing stories-- whether it’s Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan or Beyonce-- and setting up news alerts by subject.

Easier workflow allows for more AP video. Users will also find curated pages by topic, including politics and sports, shareable collections and more local content from AP member news organizations. Moreover, the app seamlessly transitions users to members’ websites for this local coverage, giving the outlets a traffic benefit.

“There are a lot of news products on the market, but AP News is really built for you, the user,” says AP’s global director of mobile, Michael Boord.

He describes the features of AP News in this video.

AP News is currently available for iOS users. You can download it here.

Tell us what you think about AP News by sending an email to info@ap.org. Write the word "app" in your subject line.