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AP statement on Michael Oreskes

, by Lauren Easton

Director of Media Relations Lauren Easton issued this statement Monday regarding Michael Oreskes, former AP vice president and senior managing editor.

AP has a long-standing policy against sexual harassment, which includes an investigative procedure with a strong assurance of confidentiality to the complaining employee. While we want to be responsive and transparent, we will not disclose any information about anyone who files a complaint.  The Associated Press received one complaint of unwelcome and inappropriate verbal communication by Michael Oreskes while he worked at AP. It did not involve any sexual activity, inappropriate or unwelcome touching, or any claim of quid pro quo. AP Human Resources promptly and thoroughly investigated the complaint and took appropriate remedial action. AP received no further complaints about Oreskes from the person who complained or anyone else.The AP is committed to maintaining a safe working environment and does not tolerate harassment of any kind.