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Amanda Barrett named VP of standards, inclusion

, by Nicole Meir

In a memo to AP’s global news staff on Monday, Executive Editor Julie Pace announced that Amanda Barrett, vice president and head of news audience, is now vice president of standards and inclusion:

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Using ‘liberated’ in Ukraine

, by John Daniszewski

The recent recapturing of territory from the Russians in the Kharkiv region by the Ukrainian armed forces has raised a question: Should AP use the term “liberated” for these towns and villages?

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Using the word 'war' in Ukraine

, by John Daniszewski

There has been some discussion about whether to term the fighting in Ukraine a “war.” The AP is using the word, and here is why:

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Why we’re no longer naming suspects in minor crime stories

, by John Daniszewski

AP will no longer name suspects in minor crime stories, which we sometimes cover and pick up from member news organizations as one-off briefs because they are "odd" and of interest to our customers.

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Asian American terms added to AP Stylebook

, by Patrick Maks

During a virtual panel at the ACES: The Society for Editing national conference on Friday, AP Stylebook Editor Paula Froke announced new Asian American-related Stylebook entries, among other updates.

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