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Helping local newsrooms use AI

, by Patrick Maks

As part of our two-year project to help local newsrooms expand their use of artificial intelligence tools, AP asked U.S. news organizations how AI might help them streamline their operations.

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How to quantify gerrymandering? Reporters find a way

, by Lauren Easton

In a memo to staff, Vice President for Standards John Daniszewski recounted how a team of AP journalists was able to measure the impact of gerrymandering, the drawing of legislative districts for one party’s benefit, in a “unique and accessible” -- and unprecedented -- way:

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How data journalism tools localized Trump’s travel ban

, by Lauren Easton

A staff memo by State Government Editor Tom Verdin describes how, in the chaotic days that followed President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, a data journalist helped AP member news organizations and customers “localize a story of international significance”:

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Q&A: How we localized flood insurance investigation for states and small towns

, by Erin Madigan White

For many years, the federal government offered subsidized flood insurance on homes and businesses constructed before there were many rules about building close to the water. But premiums have been insufficient to cover the payouts, leaving the National Flood Insurance Program billions of dollars in debt. There has been public outcry over some actions taken in Congress to support the program.