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How I got that photo of Zuckerberg’s notes

, by Lauren Easton

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday about privacy failures at his company, a photograph of an open binder containing his notes made headlines.

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Getting the facts right

, by John Daniszewski

Accuracy in news reporting always has been AP’s top priority. The reliability of news has become a hot topic in recent months with the proliferation of so many so-called “fake news” stories on social media platforms.

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The fight against fake news

, by Lauren Easton

As part of its broader fact-checking efforts, The Associated Press announced Thursday that it will work with Facebook to help identify and debunk trending "news" stories being shared online that are false.

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Q&A: How AP counts the vote

, by Erin Madigan White

As votes in the U.S. midterm elections roll in across the country on Nov. 4, it’s The Associated Press that will be counting the results through the evening. The news industry and the public turn to AP, a not-for-profit cooperative, to provide fast and reliable results on national, state and local races and key ballot measures.