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The ethics of AP’s fish slaves investigation

, by Tom Kent

Should journalists just report what they know and leave law enforcement to take action later, or tip off police before their story is published? What if sources say it’s fine to use their names and faces, but don’t seem to fully understand the risks? How do reporters cover a freed slave’s reunion with his family, when the reporters’ work led to his freedom?

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How to describe those who seized wildlife refuge

, by Tom Kent

We’ve had several inquiries about the terms we use to describe the people who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

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Planning a new edition of the AP Stylebook

, by Tom Kent

Work is starting on the 2016 edition of The Associated Press Stylebook.

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An addition to AP Stylebook entry on global warming

, by Paul Colford

The AP Stylebook editors today informed AP staff about a change to the entry on global warming. In addition, they described what goes into keeping the Stylebook up-to-date, including their outreach to experts.

AP science writer Seth Borenstein was among those who provided guidance during the discussion that resulted in today’s change, which adds two sentences to the global warming entry.

Here is the staff memo from Stylebook editors Sally Jacobsen, Dave Minthorn and Paula Froke: