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‘Dedication and commitment’ in Israel-Gaza coverage

, by Nicole Meir

Since Oct. 7, AP staff in Israel and Gaza have worked in extremely challenging conditions and often at great personal risk to offer the world a crucial window into the Israel-Gaza war.

AP journalists in the region have produced powerful photos, live video feeds, audio, text stories, analysis and explanatory journalism, including a chilling piece on the youngest Israeli hostages’ paths to recovery upon returning from captivity, and a detailed look at how the Gaza Health Ministry has generated death tolls since the war started.

Josef Federman, AP’s news director for Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan, said:

I hope that people appreciate the story behind these stories. In Israel, everyone was somehow impacted by the initial Oct. 7 attack and people remain shaken. In Gaza, our staff have been forced to flee their homes, cope with shortages of basic goods, care for their families and work with the constant threat of airstrikes around them. And while the West Bank has received less attention, deadly violence takes place there almost every day. Despite the many personal and professional challenges they face, the team continues to deliver at the highest level. I’m amazed by this dedication and commitment every day.

Additional standout coverage includes:

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