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Spotlight on ‘Reporters reporting’

, by Lauren Easton

A new Associated Press Instagram account features AP journalists in the field, shooting photos and video and reporting news stories across the globe.  

From Bangladesh to Venezuela, @reportersreporting provides a behind-the-scenes look at AP’s newsgathering efforts across all formats, offering a window into the work that produces the news report.

“At a time when we’re all talking about trust and truth in journalism, @reportersreporting demonstrates what challenging, credible news reporting looks like,” said Social Media Editor Eric Carvin. “While AP content has long been available on social media, this is the first time we’re showing the world our people on the front lines of newsgathering, and the humanity of our staffers.”

Recent posts show video journalists covering protests over the Catalonia independence referendum and photographers, writers and video producers documenting the devastation Hurricane Maria left behind in Puerto Rico.

“We have pictures coming from all over the AP world, including Europe, the Middle East and Latin America,” said Latin America Planning Director Maeva Bambuck, who created and curates the account. “@reportersreporting is as straightforward and raw as can be. The pictures are a testament to the fact that we are out there, sometimes reporting in very hostile environments, to inform the world.” 

Follow @reportersreporting on Instagram here.