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AP Hong Kong photos garner global front pages

, by Lauren Easton

Newspapers across the globe, from Barcelona to Taiwan to Toledo, Ohio, featured on the front pages of their Monday editions gripping AP images of Hong Kong police clashing with protesters at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

“Everyone across the entire AP is in awe of the coverage from our colleagues in Hong Kong. The video journalists and photographers and reporters in the field -- and all the editors and producers and other people all across Asia supporting them -- are doing heroic work,” said Executive Editor Sally Buzbee.

“There is nothing more difficult in all of journalism than keeping such a high level of excellent, top-notch work sustained across months and months of a challenging conflict like Hong Kong -- while dodging tear gas, water cannons and worse -- and working through little sleep and little food and chilly weather and constant danger,” Buzbee said.

Click the image below to launch a slideshow of select newspaper front pages featuring AP images.

See a selection of AP photos from Hong Kong Polytechnic University online.