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AP statement on NJAC lawsuit

, by Lauren Easton

AP issued this statement on Thursday in response to a lawsuit filed by five individuals working with the National Jewish Advocacy Center regarding AP’s coverage of the Oct. 7 attacks in Israel:

The Associated Press has the deepest sympathy for those affected by the horrific Oct. 7 attacks in Israel. At the same time, we must be clear that a lawsuit filed Wednesday against AP for its reporting on the attacks is baseless. AP had no advance knowledge of the Oct. 7 attacks, nor have we seen any evidence – including in the lawsuit – that the freelance journalists who contributed to our coverage did. Allegations like this are reckless and create even more potential danger for journalists in the region. This lawsuit echoes the unfounded allegations first raised by the group Honest Reporting on Nov. 8, 2023. The next day, Honest Reporting’s executive director admitted they had no evidence to back up their suggestion that freelance journalists covering the Oct. 7 attacks had been given prior warning, saying they were simply “raising questions.” Documenting breaking news events around the world – no matter how horrific – is our job. Without AP and other news organizations, the world would not have known what was happening on Oct. 7.