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Veteran editor Amanda Barrett named Nerve Center director

, by Lauren Easton

AP Managing Editor Brian Carovillano today announced a key appointment: Amanda Barrett, news manager of the Nerve Center, will now lead the New York hub of AP’s global newsroom, a center for news coordination, client engagement and audience development.

AP Nerve Center Director Amanda Barrett. (AP Photo)

Here is his memo to AP’s global news staff:

Colleagues, If there is a person around this place that deserves a promotion, it's Amanda Barrett, one of the hardest-working and most committed colleagues I've known. She's also a joy to be around. And so we are announcing today that Amanda will be the new director of the Nerve Center. The announcement below will go on the wire shortly, but I wanted to make sure you all heard the news first. In the months ahead, Amanda will be leading an effort to take stock of Nerve Center operations and devise a plan for its future. This is part of a broader effort that is under way to look at every aspect of what we do and push for even more exceptional journalism and to transform AP into an engine for news innovation. In the meantime, please join me in congratulating Amanda on her well-deserved promotion.

The AP news story is available here.