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Two international news directors are named

, by Lauren Easton

Paul Haven, vice president and head of global news gathering, announced two key appointments on Monday: James Jordan will lead AP's coverage of Europe and Africa, and Cristiana Mesquita will head Cuba and the Caribbean.

Here is his memo to staff:

I am thrilled to share two extremely important staffing developments that are going to put a pair of our most experienced, cool-headed and hard-working news people in key leadership positions. We are naming James Jordan as our next News Director for Europe and Africa and Cristiana Mesquita as News Director for Cuba and the Caribbean.

James takes command of Europe and Africa at one of the most significant moments in recent history, with Russian troops pushing toward the Ukrainian capital in an invasion that is not only causing untold suffering, but is rewriting the world order that has existed since the end of the Cold War.
James Jordan. (AP Photo)
James, a native of the United Kingdom, joined AP in 2016 as an executive producer following a stint at ITV, where he held several leadership jobs, including overseeing newsgathering in the United Kingdom. He also led other top stories throughout Europe and beyond, including the 2015 attacks in Paris and the Islamic State’s advance across Syria and Iraq in 2014. Since 2019, James has been the deputy news director for Europe and Africa, where he helped run the daily report through the COVID pandemic, as well as heading up coverage of the recent German election, the war in Nagorno-Karabakh and, most recently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It has never been more important that AP’s coverage be fast, reliable and authoritative in all formats. James’s strong news judgment, incredible work ethic and passion for the AP and its staff will serve him well in this important new role.
Cristiana Mesquita (AP Photo/Leo Correa)
Our other big announcement comes from Latin America, where Cristiana Mesquita, a true legend of AP video, will take over as News Director for Cuba and the Caribbean, based in Havana. Cristiana, or “Chichi” as she is widely known, has covered practically every major event in Latin America over the past two decades, as well as global stories including those in conflict zones like Kosovo, Afghanistan, Gaza, and Iraq. A native of Brazil, she is a former head of Latin America’s video operation, and in recent years has been a key voice conceptualizing stories in all formats out of the region. I have known and admired Chichi for many years, particularly the authority and calm she brings to every assignment. Her natural gravitas, respect for different points of view and charm will also serve her well in a country that is often difficult to report from, and where AP’s mission for fact-based, non-biased reporting is essential. Please join me in congratulating James and Chichi on their assignments! All Best,