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Exploring multimedia science storytelling

, by Lauren Easton

The Associated Press announced today a collaboration with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Department of Science Education that will allow AP to provide additional multiformat health and science stories to its member news organizations and customers.

Coral samples taken from deep ocean seamounts sit in a lab aboard a University of Hawaii research vessel during an expedition to unexplored underwater volcanoes off the coast of Hawaii's Big Island on Sept. 7, 2016. (AP Photo/Caleb Jones)

AP and HHMI’s Department of Science Education will work together on two pilot projects, one that will explore new frontiers of genetic medicine and another that will present scientific research and put it into context.

“In order for us to help people understand and appreciate and enjoy, even, science and medical stories, we want to take them a little bit further in and show them the nuts and bolts,” said Global Health and Science Editor Jonathan Fahey.

He explains how AP plans to tell science stories in new ways in this video:

Read more about the collaboration here.

AP has also launched the @APHealthScience Twitter account to encourage conversation around top health and science stories, including those that will be produced as part of this initiative.