Television Journalism Awards on Wednesday.

"/> Television Journalism Awards on Wednesday.

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​AP video journalist wins Royal Television Society Award

, by Lauren Easton

AP’s Renata Brito was named Young Talent of the Year at the Royal Television Society’s 2021 Television Journalism Awards on Wednesday.

"Renata's a brilliant eyewitness video journalist,” said Derl McCrudden, AP deputy managing editor for visual and digital journalism. “From the intensive care wards in Spain, to remote villages in the Amazon documenting how COVID-19 took hold there, she has put herself in the middle of unfolding news while putting those affected at the heart of the stories she tells.”

He added: “This award is so richly deserved as Renata is brave, versatile and creative, but tells her stories with remarkable compassion. We're thrilled the RTS has recognized Renata's talent."

Renata Brito. (AP Photo)

Brito accepted the award virtually, thanking her colleagues for their support.

“When I started working at the AP, I barely knew how to film with a camera and my writing wasn’t very good,” Brito said. “Without their support, I would not be able to do all of the stories I’ve been able to do.”

Brito joined AP in 2012 as an intern. She is currently based in Barcelona and worked previously in her native Brazil.

The awards from the Royal Television Society recognize journalism by organizations that broadcast on a UK-based platform or create online video content from a UK production base.

Video journalist Renata Brito shoots video inside an intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients in Badalona, Spain, April 1, 2020. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)