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AP statement on changes in sports agate

, by Paul Colford

Update on May 23, 2016: During the transition to a new sports data provider, all daily sports agate files were restored within three days and no statistics from any MLB game or playoff game in the NBA and NHL were interrupted. Most of the interruptions were to files that aren't as commonly used by AP members and customers. Nearly all weekly agate files also were restored without interruption.

Here is our original statement from April 29, 2016:

Since April 1, The Associated Press has been alerting members and customers that we will change providers of our sports data starting May 1.
As a result, AP's sports agate lineup will be temporarily scaled back, effective May 2, as we transition to an upgraded service. During this transitional period we will continue to work diligently to ensure a smooth delivery of agate files to members’ systems. We are focusing our resources on those files that we know get the most use, judging from members’ communications with us. This change is part of an effort to better position AP Sports products to meet evolving market needs while reducing production costs. We will continue to update members and customers on the changeover via advisories on the AP wire. Paul Colford
VP and Director of AP Media Relations