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AP series will explore ‘Why it matters’

, by Lauren Easton

With the conventions behind us, and 97 days of campaigning still to come, AP’s political team is preparing a series that will explore key political issues facing voters.

The series, “Why it matters,” will include three pieces a week, starting Monday. The total will rise to four stories a week beginning Oct. 3.

Members of the AP political team work at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo)

AP members and customers were told about the plans in an advisory today:

On Monday, Aug. 8, The Associated Press begins a series of stories examining 36 issues at stake in the presidential election. Called “Why It Matters,” AP reporters who specialize in the subject matter explain how these issues shape the lives of Americans and summarize where the presidential candidates stand on each.The choice for voters on Election Day goes far beyond the contrasting personalities and backgrounds of the candidates. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump see America’s place in the world in far different terms. Their policies clash on immigration, the economy, health care, the direction of the Supreme Court and much more. They offer distinct approaches on matters that affect nearly everyone living in the United States.Whether the question at hand is about the warming climate, the not-so-distant crisis over Social Security, the tax bite out of paychecks, the spread of opioid addiction or the perils of terrorism, hard decisions await the next president. “Why It Matters” aims to illuminate that economic, social and foreign policy landscape as voters weigh their decision.

“It’s important to know where the candidates stand, but voters should also be armed with the how and the why of the issues the next president will address once in the Oval Office,” said U.S. Political Editor David Scott. “That’s what we’re aiming to do with ‘Why It Matters.’ It’s not a checklist, but context.”

The stories will be released on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the early morning Eastern time. Beginning the week of Oct. 3, a fourth story per week will be added on Tuesdays.