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AP letter to Ethiopian ambassador

, by Lauren Easton

Executive Editor Julie Pace on Thursday sent a letter to Ethiopian Ambassador Mehreteab Mulugeta requesting the release of AP-accredited freelancer Amir Aman Kiyaro, who has been detained in Addis Ababa since Nov. 28, 2021.

Here is her letter:

Feb. 17, 2022 Ambassador Mehreteab Mulugeta
Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Your Excellency,
The Associated Press would like to respectfully appeal to the authorities of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to release accredited AP freelance video journalist Amir Aman Kiyaro, who has been detained since November 28, 2021, for his reporting work. With the lifting of the state of emergency powers in Ethiopia on Tuesday, AP hopes that Mr. Kiyaro, who has been detained without charge in Addis Ababa, can soon return to his family. Mr. Kiyaro is a young and dedicated professional journalist who has conducted groundbreaking reporting on all sides of the Ethiopian conflict, including coverage of the alleged mass killings by Tigray forces in the community of Chenna Teklehaymanot in 2021 and of the social and security situation in Addis Ababa. The Associated Press advocates for the right of journalists to speak to all sides in any conflict in the interest of fair, accurate and unbiased reporting, and Mr. Kiyaro has done this, receiving praise for his honest and factual work. Additionally, the management and staff of AP -- the world’s oldest independent news agency -- are deeply concerned for the well-being of Mr. Kiyaro and his family. Mr. Kiyaro’s health is of concern, with his family reporting its deterioration during these past months of incarceration. We sincerely hope that Ethiopia’s government will receive this appeal in the spirit it is sent; a request to release Mr. Kiyaro on behalf of his family and his colleagues internationally. Sincerely, Julie Pace
Executive Editor
The Associated Press