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AP adds 2 reporters to cover injustice

, by Lauren Easton

With funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, AP has added two reporters to cover issues of injustice.

Annie Ma, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, will cover leadership, funding and access in education, as well as what is taught in classrooms, to show the impact of inequity and the efforts to address it.

She will explore how COVID-19 has disrupted education and the evolution of classrooms in the post-pandemic era.

Ma joins AP from The Charlotte Observer, where she was an education reporter.

Reporter Drew Costley, based in Washington, will focus on equality, justice and fairness in science and the environment.

He will cover the effects of climate change, pollution and environmental degradation on different communities, and how science and medicine is serving — or failing to serve — people of all backgrounds.

Costley previously wrote about climate and the environment, science, health, technology and internet culture for OneZero and Future Human.

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